«Timely and reasonable excellent legal support of your Business and protection of your interests in any part of the globe in your language»


  • Russian Direct Investment Fund, A.A. Petrov, Department Director

    «… RDIF expresses its gratitude … for the professionally performed works the quality of which our company considered to be very high…»

  • TMK, Andrey Zimin, General Counsel

    «…eager to recommend Kopernick as experts on law of foreign countries not only because they achieve great results but due to their care for client’s budget…»

  • Sinara Group, Denis Orlov, General Counsel

    «…we are fully satisfied with the services provided…»

  • United Heavy Machinery Plants, Dmitry Akhrimenko, Head of project group on optimization of UHMP group structure

    «…We decisively recommend Kopernick experts to any organization which faced the necessity of group restructuring with the participation of foreign legal entities…»

  • Meritservus, Demetris Ioannides, Chairman, Founder and Chairman Emeritus of Deloitte, Cyprus

    «… I am sure that in case of further need in the practical advice under the Russian legislation we will engage Kopernick again…»

  • Rosinfocominvest, Pavel Rodionov, Director General

    «…No doubt , our best recommendations…»

  • Ural-Cement, Sergey Demakov, President

    «…We definitely positively recommend Kopernick lawyers for the purpose of making cross-border transactions…»

  • TATRA Ural, Andrey Staritsyn, Director General

    «… we definitely recommend this law firm to all businesses facing the necessity to establish legal relations with foreign partners…»

  • Teploenegromontazh, Yuri Podgorny, Director General

    «…sure about further long-term cooperation with this law firm…»

  • Sinara – Transport Machines, Serik Shaikhanov, General Counsel

    «…We definitely recommend legal translation services of Kopernick to anyone…»

  • A.G. Paphitis & Co., Angelos Paphitis, Managing Director

    «…we wish Kopernick every success and expansion of our joint Client base…»

  • Mitline, Pavel Pudikov, Director General

    «…Beyond all doubt – our best recommendations for Kopernick lawyers.…»

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Kopernick lawyers are confident that telling you "how" we serve you is no less (if not more) useful for you than to receive from us information on "what" we can do for you.

7 advantages you get when you business is supported by the team of Kopernick international lawyers

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7 invoices for the professional international legal services which you will never see from Kopernick team

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Kopernick international lawyers act as a cross-border legal bridge, providing you with the legal services in relation of the full lifecycle of your international business in any part of the globe. 

To enable you to conduct your international business according to international rules and legislation of foreign countries, for many years of our work we have established correspondent relations with all global legal rating agencies as well as experts from all over the world and every types of legal business – from self-employed lawyers to major law firms.  

This allows you to obtain the legal support of your business:
from professional international lawyers
 through one-stop-shop 
in any part of the globe 
 in your native language 
✓ under the law and jurisdiction of your choice 
 on the basis of  transparent  competitive pricing policy and pay only for the actually rendered legal services which you were fully satisfied with

Services in detail


Kopernick Law Firm gathered for you a unique team of international lawyers. 

We focus on legislation of those foreign countries where you conduct your business and speak official languages of these countries fluently. To ensure your additional protection on an international level each our lawyer is an expert on international law issues.


Kopernick lawyers are sure that the opportunity to render to you our international legal services allows us to make social commitments and help the economically unprotected categories of population. 

For this reason, all Kopernick lawyers together with the team of Association of Lawyers of Russia actively participate in socially significant and charity projects, providing legal and real support to those who are most vulnerable.


If you are:

✓ Client-oriented
 International Lawyer
 With knowledge of foreign languages

then we are going the same way

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